Covid impacting your business? Start training your clients online

How it works

Build highly individualized training programs in minutes

Choose from a list of several hundred exercises or create your own. Include exercise instructions. Build complex routines with supersets, rest timers, warmup sets, RPE, etc String several routines into programs and assign to several clients at a time.


Rest Timers

Deliver Workouts to your clients smartphone

Clients will receive workouts on their smartphone and get notified. Through a simple and intuitive interface, clients can complete their workouts and even upload any workout videos right from their smartphone. All they have to do is check each set as they complete it. Available on android and ios.

Keep Track of client activity through a centralized feed

Completed workouts, videos and progress pictures of all your clients can be browsed through a centralized feed. Keep track of all your clients activity with a glance. You can comment and interact with your clients and provide feedback on workouts, videos and progress pictures.



Communicate through in app messaging

Message clients from within the app. Send multiple messages at once, and keep in touch with all your clients from one platform.

Key Features


Set reminders for each client in an intuitive calendar and always keep all client activity organized.

Team Accounts

Add team members and manage your team from one platform.

Notes, Goals, Limitations

Keep track of client goals, limitations and take other notes.

Custom Exercise Demonstrations

Create custom exercises and include exercise instructions and demonstrations.


Upload documents for clients and keep it all organized under one system.

Graphs and Analytics

Visually track client progress by charting measurement and exercise data. View exercise history for every exercise performed.


Clients can upload videos right from their smartphone

No going back and forth, you get to know exactly how they performed an exercise on a given set and can browse all client videos in a video feed. Additionally you can provide feedback on each video.

    Start tracking client videos

    Progress Pictures and Measurements

    Clients can upload progress pictures right from their smart phone. You get a separate feed to review progress pictures across all your clients. Clients can also update various body weight and body part measurements and you can graph and track them for each client.

      Keep track of client progress

      Client Mobile application available on Andriod and IOS

      Our Pricing

      If HeroCoach helps you train just one more client or save you just 10 minutes a week it will more than pay for itself.



      • Upto 10 Clients



      • Upto 25 Clients



      • Upto 50 Clients

      Hello 👋, My name is Jay

      I’m a Software Engineer based in Seattle and have lived all across the world.

      I’m the solo creator of HeroCoach and currently running the business as a one man shop.

      I love all things gym and it’s been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.

      As someone who’s preparing to become a personal trainer and has worked with personal trainers in the past, I wanted to create the best tool possible for coaches to interact with their clients.

      The goal is to create an awesome app for both coaches and clients and make the whole process as intuitive as possible.

      I hope you like the app. If you have any feedback. Let me know.

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